Did the NFL want the Los Angeles Rams to go to the Super Bowl and not the New Orleans Saints?

By Pedro Caviedes, 10 years old.

Contributing Columnist

Many people are saying that in one of the plays of the NFC championship game there was a very obvious pass interference that none of the officials called a flag. If it was not because of this play the Saints would have been able to score a game winning field goal before the clock ran out. But instead of the Saints being able to score this field goal, the Rams were able to make it to field goal range to score a field goal forcing overtime. Then in overtime Zuerlein scored a 57 yard game winning field goal and the Super Bowl was Rams vs Patriots. Now, the referee in this game, Bill Vinovich graduated from the University of San Diego and lives in California. So, is that not a coincidence? But it is not only Bill Vinovich who is from California, also 3 other officials have something related with California.  Now you would think that after all of this the NFL would pick the right officials for the Super Bowl right? Well, if you thought that you are wrong.  You will probably think that since the leading official, John Parry, who is from Indiana and lives in Ohio will be a fair official because none of the teams that play in the Super Bowl are from those states. Well when you see his records you can see that he was promoted as a side judge in 2007. He has been assigned to seven Rams games and the Rams were 7-0 in those games. That is crazy because the Rams did not have a winning season between 2004-2016. Maybe if he was not an official that would have been different.


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