CEO of Miami-based Educate Tomorrow Received 2018 Child Welfare Champion Award

The Florida Department of Children and Families awarded Brett McNaught, CEO of Educate Tomorrow,  as the 2018 Child Welfare Champion, during a September 7 ceremony in Orlando.

A Miami-based nonprofit, Educate Tomorrow serves foster care and homeless youth. As part of its programs, 150 students have received a college degree, vocational certification, or graduate degree, according to an organization spokesperson.

Under Brett’s leadership, the spokesman said, “the program has expanded beyond Florida into Texas, Colorado, and California as well.”

“We believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity isn’t,” McNaught said. “So, we connect talented people with opportunities. And we will go on doing it until our services are no longer necessary.”

“Children in Florida who are from foster care, adopted or homeless receive a tuition exemption at state colleges and public universities, and career and technical colleges,” an organization statement reads. “Brett’s work in this field, and his ability to increase graduation rates for this population, was a major contributing factor to recognizing him as a Child Welfare Champion.”

To support Educate Tomorrow, click here. 

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