AiRS Foundation: Making Restorative Breast Surgery Accessible to Cancer Survivors

The Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery Foundation (AiRS), established by Janet Delinger, Morgan Hare, and Dr. Rod Rohrich, supports women who have had mastectomies but cannot afford reconstructive surgery.

According to an organization statement, up to 70% of breast cancer survivors who desire reconstruction, don’t have the resources or insurance to cover it.

“We wanted to give back and give a voice to women who are not as fortunate as we are”, co-founder Morgan Hare said. “That voice is AiRS, a foundation that provides the necessary resources for women to learn about their reconstruction options and financial aid for those in need.”

Aside from support for reconstruction surgery, the Dallas-based organization also provides education for the medical communities, caregivers, and mastectomy patients.

Restorative breast surgery, an organization statement reads, is “a vital part of total physical and emotional healing for many breast cancer survivors”.

Since 2012, AiRS has raised $534,950 and helped over 100 women.

To donate, volunteer, or refer a patient, visit AiRS website.


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