Artist Lin Evola from the Peace Angels Project to Speak at Silicon Valley Event

New York-based artist and creator of the Peace Angels Project Lin Evola, will speak at Silicon Valley’s Art Ventures Gallery on May 16, to fundraise for the Silicon Valley Peace Monument, which she will create.

Evola created Peace Angels Project in 1992, a public arts endeavor that creates sculptures to promote peace and fight violence. The artist creates peace monuments out of weapons that are melted down and donated by police departments in the U.S., including the NYPD, LASD, and LAPD.

“The Silicon Valley/Bay Area Peace Monument will be a 64-foot peace sign within a transparent globe, and will be the only monument that is kinetic”, Evola said in a statement. “The globe will revolve with the earth. Carbon leeched from the atmosphere will be included to represent global warming.”

“A monument to our future, e-waste is being considered as a part of this monument to peace.”

Currently, led by USA Weapons Destruction Campaign, there are three monuments in progress in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and New York- and, according to a statement, Evola envisions to create unique Peace monuments for host cities around the world.


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