DollarDays Launches Forward™: Backpacks at an Affordable Price for Nonprofits

Wholesaler and eCommerce site DollarDays unveiled their Forward™ branded backpacks, exclusively developed to cater to a diverse group of nonprofits, churches, and businesses that require a high-quality, retail-ready backpacks at an affordable price. DollarDays is well known as a premier supplier of back to school supplies, backpack drives, and products that support the education and nonprofit sector. Forward™ was founded to fill a niche in the backpack market by providing offering a premium backpack in bulk, under the $2.50 a unit per bag price.

“Forward™ was born out of the idea that every child deserves to put their best foot forward and have colorful, as well as a high-quality bag that supports their educational journey,” Shelly Chaney, Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, said. “We made the investment into our own backpack line so that we could ensure that our customers had a premium option, at an affordable price. The Forward™ backpack line joins a growing list of exciting product offerings from DollarDays, that we hope will allow us to support our customer’s missions to invest in their communities and in our children’s future.”

DollarDays will also be offering 5% of all sales of the backpack back to a charity of the buyers’ choice. Thousands of schools, nonprofits and charities are expected to benefit from the sale of the bag. Orders can be placed by buying online or calling into the DollarDays Customer Support Team. For specific product details and for updates on availability, visit


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