Three Ways to Support and Celebrate Women On International Women’s Day

Photo Credit: Chelsa Bocci/Kiva

Today, celebrate women by supporting the cause to end violence against women around the world, pledge to take bold action for the advancement of women, or support a woman’s business or education with a microloan. Here are the three organizations and campaigns that you could support to honor women on this day:

  1. Help end violence against women donating to UN Women:

According to a survey conducted by the  PanAmerican Health Organization (PAHO), in regions like Latin America, “large percentages of women ever married or in union  reported ever experiencing intimate partner violence, ranging from 17% in the Dominican Republic 2007, to slightly more than half (53.3%) in Bolivia 2003.”  One of the key solutions to the issue of violence against women  around the world, according to PAHO, is to educate women about their legal rights and the institutions that can assist them, provide early intervention for at-risk families, and educate men and boys to promote nonviolence and gender equity. Donate to UN Women today to contribute to ending violence against women.

2.  Pledging to be #BoldforChange and taking action against inequality

The International Women’s Day organization (IWD), launched the #BeBoldforChange, in order to foster concrete actions for the advancement of women in all fields and all over the world. Take concrete actions to end gender inequality in the economy; the workplace and educational institutions, as well as to end violence against women. Submit and pledge your action to the #BoldForChange campaign in the IWD website.

3. Investing in women’s economic development by donating a microloan through Kiva:

Through the San Francisco-based organization Kiva, you could provide a loan (as small as $25) to a person starting a business, going to school, or growing their community organization. Women from all over the world present their projects on Kiva’s website, and lenders choose which project they would like to lend funds to. For International Women’s Day, Kiva has a goal to crowdfund $3 Million in loans for women.


About Valeria Ricciulli

Valeria Ricciulli is a New York based Colombian journalist. She currently covers real estate, architecture, and infrastructure at Vox Media's Curbed NY. Previously, she worked as a breaking news reporter for, and as a digital news intern for El Diario New York, covering crime, local politics, health, and culture. She's currently pursuing an M.S. in Media Management at The New School.

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