A Teenager’s Opinion On The Orlando Shooting

By: Mariana Caviedes Obregón

On June 12, 2016 in Orlando, Florida a guy decided to go into a gay club with a gun and kill/ injure people. 50 people died and 54 were injured. The police had to stop the massacre, and in order to do that, they killed the shooter.

It really isn’t fair that this happened. The fact that maybe it was someone’s first time actually feeling like they belong somewhere or maybe they just wanted a break from this screwed up world. Did the person even think when he was doing this? Did he even take 1 freaking minute to analyze what he was about to do? Did he not even care that he killed 50 people and he hurt 54? They’re normal people like us. They have different likings, why does that make them weird? Because they’re able to finally be happy and express themselves? This world should accept the fact that everybody is different. It bothers me so much. They shouldn’t fight to be themselves. In the end even though he hurt them, he didn’t win. Now, what he accomplished was getting the LGBTQ community together and become stronger.


The fact that they let anybody have guns is so crazy. We don’t feel safe anymore. We’re scared of going out with friends or just walking outside our houses. Every place in this world should have gun control. Especially the United States of America. We should have started gun control since 9/11. Nobody knew it was going to happen. But we should have at least tried to prevent future events that could cause even more disastrous events. But if we want to actually make a difference we can’t kick anyone out. If we even try, we can create another war. Right now we don’t need anymore fights. All we need is reassurance that we are going to be safe and okay.

It’s time to make a difference. Start gun control all around the world. Learn to accept that people are different and that there is no way to change the facts.

May all the people who died that night rest in peace. May their families recover from such a fatal event.

About Sabina Covo

Sabina started her career as a journalist in 1999. She graduated with a Communications Degree from Florida International University and has worked as a journalist, TV and Radio Anchor and Reporter for different stations and print publications in Latin America and the US including Caracol, W Radio, Austrian National Television, America Teve, Canal sur, NBC and Telemundo. She served as the director of Media Relations for Gordon Reyes and Associates in Miami and was nominated for a Raising Star Award by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. She has a Building our Community award for her collaboration with the March of Dimes, and is part of Sharing for Kids. Sabina is a columnist for El Nuevo Herald in Miami, and a journalist and TV personality for America Teve.

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